Healthier Patients =
Lower Medical Costs

Our simple, powerful principal of focusing on Patient outcomes means plan sponsors benefit from a healthier workforce and lower medical costs.  We provide clinical programs to help influence behavior and drive better outcomes. Our Clinician’s patient-centric approach is aided by proprietary claims analytics, which provides real-time information to help identify potential health risks and medical trends. We can then focus on those patients in most need of assistance to contain costs and improve overall health.   

Our data-based solutions help keep you fully informed.

The team at EnvisaCare Rx is dedicated to driving value for the plan sponsor and improving wellness for their members.

Medication Management

Through careful analysis, we identify your plan’s highest risk patients and then our clinical pharmacists consult directly with them and their physicians to understand the specific issues that are impacting their health.  Our team works with prescribers to determine the best clinical treatment options for each patient and helps develop a patient care plan.  We place an emphasis on compliance, dosage, disease state and precise fulfillment of prescriptions. This increases medication safety, adherence and health while reducing costs.

Quarterly Claims Statistics

Four times a year, the Envisacare Rx team will sit down with you to discuss your plan in detail.  We will review significant clinical interventions, current trends and identify opportunities for potential improvement.  This allows you to manage your plan proactively rather than reviewing your expenditures yearly during plan renewal.

Clinical Advocacy

EnvisaCare Rx focuses on every patient, not just your plan’s highest cost patients.  Our predictive models can be used to identify patterns found in both historical and transactional data to spot risks and opportunities in daily operations and patient care. We evaluate every prescription request, for every patient, that comes into our system. Not only are we checking for drug interactions, but we are also looking for anomalies in the patient’s normal drug utilization.  If we find something that concerns us, we will flag that patient for immediate follow-up.  We want to ensure that patients are achieving their goals of therapy through safe and effective medication use in the most cost-effective way available.

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